Fashion trends may come and go, yet classic styles stand strong. Throughout Lee Cooper’s 100 year history, our classic East London denims live on, decade after decade. This is why we are celebrating our beloved classics: Harry and Pearl.

Recognised the world over for their minimalistic, understated style and comfortable, flattering fits, Harry and Pearl, Lee Cooper’s oldest styles, remain international bestsellers.

To showcase how classic styles evolve in a way that remain true to its beginnings, Lee Cooper presents Made to Make, a short voiced by in-house denim expert Tilmann Wrobel.

Exploring how Lee Cooper’s workwear heritage forms the underpinning of denim design, this short film documents behind the scenes makings of modern day classics, Harry and Pearl.

Introducing Harry

Our classic straight fit for men with design details inspired by our workwear heritage

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Available in both rigid and stretch denim

Introducing Pearl

Our women's skinny fit is the modern incarnation of our time tested classic

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">Stretch recovery denim for maximum comfort

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Back pocket placement accentuates silhouette

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Classic Lee Cooper arcuate, as used in 1908

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Feminine narrow single and double needle stitch detail

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Iconic red tab and branded rivets

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Busted out seam with red overlock stitching or orange selvage

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Copper button with antique finish