Leave the rules at the door and raise the roof as Lee Cooper’s Spring Summer 2017 collection introduces innovative tech/athletic looks, mixed trends and daring fabrics.

The collection includes the iconic and classic Harry and Pearl fits, taking on new denim rules with wider and softer fits as well, with light and indigo washes.

‘Release Your Rebel’ is an attitude anyone can adapt wearing Lee Cooper. Add a little chaos in your everyday moments.

Lee Cooper. Release Your Rebel.


Explore the collection below

Ss17 look1 1


Look 1

"This is who I am, nobody said you had to like it"

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Ss17 look2 1


Look 2

"Go where you want to go. However you want to go there."

Ss17 look2 1 smallSs17 look2 2 smallSs17 look2 3 smallSs17 look2 4 small
Ss17 look3 1


Look 3

"What happens on the streets of East London, stays on the streets of East London"

Ss17 look3 1 smallSs17 look3 2 smallSs17 look3 3 smallSs17 look3 4 small
Ss17 look4 1


Look 4

"We read the rules before we break them"

Ss17 look4 1 smallSs17 look4 2 smallSs17 look4 3 smallSs17 look4 4 small
Ss17 look5 1


Look 5

"That fearless feeling"

Ss17 look5 1 smallSs17 look5 2 smallSs17 look5 3 small