Lee Cooper introduces its Autumn Winter 2016 Collection exploring expression of style and confidence with “Made To Be Different”.

Lee Cooper has always enabled and celebrated the people who express themselves through style. Inspired by a strong East London heritage, AW16 focuses on the diversity of the East London community and how fashion needs to serve as a showcase for the personality behind each individual wearer.

‘Made To Be Different’ is not just about what people wear, but how they wear it. It’s an ability to blend formal and casual wear, the sophisticated and the sexy, curating a look that is equal parts relaxed, rock ‘n’ roll and ready.


Explore the collection below

Aw16 look1 1


Look 1

"We play by our own rules. We march to the beat of our own drum. We exist on our own terms." #MadeToBeDifferent

Aw16 look1 1 smallAw16 look1 2 smallAw16 look1 3 small
Aw16 look2 1


Look 2

"Comfortable with who I am. Ready to become who I want to be…." #MadeToBeDifferent

Aw16 look2 1 smallAw16 look2 2 smallAw16 look2 3 small
Aw16 look3 1


Look 3

"Life is full of twists and turns… sometimes backwards is the only way forwards." #MadeToBeDifferent

Aw16 look3 1 smallAw16 look3 2 smallAw16 look3 3 smallAw16 look3 4 small
Aw16 look4 1


Look 4

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the coolest kid of them all?" #MadeToBeDifferent

Aw16 look4 1 smallAw16 look4 2 smallAw16 look4 3 smallAw16 look4 4 small